Music API [Available Q3 2019]

Music is a special form of audio including various information that requires interpretation. However, it is often hard to analyze a music signal because music is composed of layers of overlapping sounds.

Sense Music API allows computers to understand the contents of music in real-time. For example, you could use the Sense Music API to determine the mood of the music and thus change the dimness of a smart lightbulb, or you could use it to build a content-based music recommendation system.

Music context features

Sense API can recognize the following features from a music input :

  • genre : The genre of the music, from classical to electronic.

  • mood : Is the music sad or happy ? Is it calm or energic ? Our system recognizes the mood of the music

  • key : The main key of the music (for instance “Cb”)

  • tempo : The tempo of the music (for instance 120 bpm)

  • Other mid-level features

Sense Music API will be available from Q3 2019 !