Release notes

beta-v2.0.1 July 03, 2019

  • Fix time frame bug in streaming function

beta-v2.0 June 05, 2019

Sense API v-2.0 is now available.

Acoustic event API
- Removed the subtask option.
- Available sound events are increased to 22 (v-1.0: 7 events)
- Provides API with a new serving system which is more scalable.
Music API, Speech API
- Paused temporarily and will be back in Q3 2019 with improved performance.
Clients libraries v-2.0
- protobuf messages changed
- grpc service changed

beta-v1.0 November 09, 2018 Sense is now available in Beta release, which is the first general purpose audio cognition API. The API is designed to empower developers and corporates with Machine Listening AI. During Beta period, it is free to use within the daily quota of 700 calls (for file inputs) and 10 minutes (for streaming).

  • Improved latency
  • Streaming input support
  • Example client codes of other languages (Java, Node.js)
  • Additional functionalities
  • Speech and music activity detection
  • Age and gender detection
  • Additional sound event class: glassbreak
  • Improved performance