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Cochl. Sense
An ultimate tool for environmental sound detection

Cochl. Sense receives acoustic sounds from our clients, analyze the sounds, and return the sound labels to the clients. Analyzing environmental sounds in a real-world used to be almost impossible because there are lots of variations in target sounds, recording devices, and environments. Recent scientific breakthrough made it possible, and we’ve been improving it since our alpha version release of Cochl. Sense in early 2018. It is the world’s first API for environmental sound detection, and still the only available one, developed and polished by our research team. Technology is complicated but usage is simple. It takes less than 5 minutes to install, supporting both Cloud API and Edge SDK – which means that it can be deployed literally anywhere and business clients as well as individual developers can easily integrate our machine listening technology into their products and services.

Sense API – Emergency Detection

Technology for safety isn’t perfect yet

Surveillance cameras are widely used to detect emergencies. Also, there is an increasing number of people install personal security cameras at home for monitoring purposes. Visual information contains lots of clues about what is going on around. However, it is hard to cover areas of interest without blind spots, also often clues of emergency are clearer or only exist in acoustic information rather than a visual one.

Sense API – Human Interaction

How do we communicate with computers?

There is an increasing number of smart devices and robots. We used to communicate with computers using keyboard and mouse, but recently touch screen and voice commands are getting more popular as it is a more natural way of interaction. However, it is still too limited compared to the communication between humans. We use lots of non-verbal communication in our daily lives to understand each other. As a simple example, just think about when we clap our hands or knocking the doors.

Sense API – Human Status

Sound is an important clue of status of people

Humans make a variety of sounds in a daily life that conveys lots of clues about status. We can understand if someone is happy, sleeping, or caught cold by just listening to the sounds. This information can be used for providing an appropriate service to people on time which can make AI services smarter and proactive.

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